October Newsletter-2018

Dear Friends, First off, I wanted to say how grateful I am for all of the encouraging notes, texts, and calls that I’ve received since moving to South Africa. It is such a blessing to know that I have people who care and pray for me from thousands of miles away. In this newsletter, I […]

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October 23, 2017

I am an offering of five loaves Standing before a thousand hungry tasks and directions All I see is their need and my lack All I hear is their voices calling out for my attention, energy, and time All I feel is the pain of breaking over and over again But, When broken things lie […]

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It’s not you, it’s me

If ruby-toned earth and the beauty of jacarandas robed in purple No longer moves me to tears It is my eyes that have lost their wonder If the sound of melodies sung in unfamiliar tongues No longer causes my praise to join in with my brothers and sisters It is my ears that have closed […]

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A New Chapter

Hello friends! Thanks for checking out this post and learning some more about this journey! A little background… From the time I was young, I loved hearing stories of Christian missionaries- mainly the ones about my own great-grandparents who served in South Africa. I wanted to follow in the footsteps of my spiritual heroes, and […]

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Life isn’t fair

I have wandered alone through terminals as I ask God why I seem to be uprooted whenever I begin to blossom And I have wondered how much time I have had the privilege of living somewhere between earth and space as I look down through the airplane window at a galaxy of city lights below […]

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At the Wall

The wall stands in front of me, so close I could easily reach out and touch the massive beige stones. Women are standing beside me on either side; our elbows and shoulders occasionally meeting. The woman directly in front of me wears a head covering and rocks gently back and forth as she whispers her […]

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A prayer

Before I can even begin to pray for the hearts around me, put mine in check. Create in me a clean heart, Oh Lord my God. Remind this fickle heart who it serves. Set apart these hands for Your work alone. Set these feet to dance in Your presence and walk faithfully in Your steps. […]

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My hands ache My fingers turn red and my knuckles white as I feel myself being pulled and stretched a bit furthur each day The strain grows and I hear the sound of breaking I mourn each little death of the threads I once clung to But With the snapping of my will Yours prevails […]

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Acts 17:24

We forget Each breath we take in, each sharp inhale when we witness the truly beautiful, each gasp of pain, Is given to us As we fill our lungs to cry out to Him, “Where are You?” He cries back I’M HERE with every breath

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